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The annual Ekimogun Day Festival will take in Ondo Kingdom as follows;

Day: Saturday 6th Decemeber 2014

Venue: Oba Adesanoye Civic Center

Time: 10.00 hours prompt.


As we all know, the survival instinct can also lead to a primitive instinct. This attitude may also be responsible for the disinclination of the Ondos to cooperate with one another so as to form a common front. It is everyone for himself and God for all syndrome.

If the Ondos can moderate their cynical attitude in favour of an attitude that encourages the principle of being one another brother's keeper, there is no doubt that the Ondo will fly like eagles and not be weary. All Ondos have a part to play in this great movement for the sensitization of our people and the emancipation of active ideals such that it may be said of us “we did what was within our means to do

Late High Chief Bayo Akinnola


"Lisa of Ondo Kingdom 2001 - 2013"


It is time to trade respect as a reciprocal irrespective of age, sex, influence or personality within the society in the interest of unity among Ondo Ekimogun Sons and Daughters and establish an achievable vision for Ondo Kingdom.


It is time to remove the cloud of negativity among us and think positively together with embracement of the path of honour for the betterment of our Community.

Chief (Otunba) Damilola Oladimeji


Yegbata - Ondo Kingdom

Ekimogun Day 2010

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Wednesday, 08 October 2014 06:38

Ondo City Vision 2015 & The Spirit Of Self-Help

There are extant documented evidences that Ondo Kingdom is about 504 years old: about two hundred and thirty years older than the United States of America, the doyen of modern civilization! Of course, this is hardly believable due to the ancient city's lack of the accoutrements of modernity: pipe borne water; good network of intra-city roads; up-to-date healthcare facilities; constant supply of electricity; recreational facilities etc.

Even in what has now come to be regarded as a parochial sense of governance, Ondo Kingdom, until about six years ago, has never been favoured with any substantial state or federal government presence despite the fact that the whole state - including the recently excised Ekiti - was called Ondo State to underscore the administrative importance of Ondo kingdom in colonial history. But, whatever the town lacked in government establishments, her people more than made up for in education, resourcefulness, and enterprise.

History is replete with the pioneer-status of the Ondo people in the professions, academics and business. Recently the awareness of a people highly steeped in culture and tradition, widely travelled and knowledgeable in many aspects of governance, focused on the spirit of self-help or, what is termed community development. This led to the establishment in 1986 of the Ondo Development Committee ODC, a veritable vehicle of much needed development to the community through the annual Ekimogun Day festivities. The Oba Adesanoye Civic Centre, a showpiece of Ondo community efforts and pride, remains the flagship of the exertions of this committee.

Wednesday, 08 October 2014 06:45

Ondo Popular Ancient Poem

Melu, Melu, E Se e oja o? Me ee!

Gbejidokun du o mu k'eiye bo wa komi.

Mo toi tee shai yu

Ku e bu

Mo bu shoma

K'ese shoma

Shoma lepa

K'ese lepa

Lepa nie

K'ese nie

Wednesday, 08 October 2014 06:53

The Legends of some Ondo Proverbs

1. Oyinbo Ore: There was an assistant D.O in the former Okitipupa district superintending the Ore/Agbabu/Odigbo axis who attempted to convey a log of wood for building a house with a bicycle over some distance. Unfortunately he ran into a ditch and the log fell on him and killed him. That created the legend of:
"O paa e bi s'oyinbo Ore yo mu keke gbe gedu"

2. Lakulaku: There was a very strong but rather imbecilic young man in Ondo of yesteryears who could be sent on errands by just practically anybody. He was always running and never seemed to tire even when nobody was after him.
Nearby villages did not appear too far for him as he was always seen everywhere appearing to always be in a hurry.
That created the legend of:
"Ki Lakulaku e se do fi ghen le y'Oboto 'gba mefa d'ale i le?"

3. Lalotan: Lalotan was another physically strong man in Ondo who was always in a hurry when he walked. He was a devotee of the god of Sango and whenever he was possessed of the Sango spirit, he became a man in a trance and completely dazed. Nobody could catch up with him. This created the legend that:
"Ijo yi Sango e gun Lalotan, a le le, e bo; daibupen ......"

Wednesday, 08 October 2014 06:21

Philosophical Milestones Of Life for Men

If at 20 years, you are still confused about the path to take in the journey of life, do not worry as the directions are not clear-cut at this age.

If at 30 years, you still have not found your way to the path, hurry up because some of your contemporaries in your age bracket have already started the journey. This again, is the time to be close to your God and deepen your spiritual awareness.


If at 35, you have not found a woman to cushion the roller-coaster effect that the ride of life often is, better make the plunge because lifelong habits become ossified around this age: whether you become a responsible father/husband or an alcoholic lay-about is determined right at this juncture.

If at 40, you are still not sure whether your wife is right for you - that is, whether you are in a hopeless entanglement - this is the age to take a decisive action and go on with your life. If you don't, nothing from this age ever will fall into place; even your children will probably not see your viewpoints in the event of major matrimonial misunderstandings.


Wednesday, 08 October 2014 06:50

Crime Of Yesteryears In Ondo (Olorunwa And Allah-dey)

One of the most celebrated trials of murder in Ondo was the one that involved the arraignment and eventual conviction of two friends - Olorunwa and Allah-dey - for the first degree murder of a pregnant Ondo woman, Funmilayo, at a stream near Aogo in the early 60s.

Olorunwa, (real name was Segun Woghiren) was a student at Ansar-Ud-Deen Modern School at Okelisa in 1961 but, later dropped out to found a white garment church of which he was the Pastor. He was a young boy whose hairs later formed dreadlocks, a development which he claimed was a directive from God. He suddenly started getting rich, buying a Morris Minor taxi car while his congregation grew larger and larger, attracting more women than men.

It was at this stage that an apprentice carpenter by the name of Allah-dey (real name was Buraimoh Otokiti) joined Olorunwa in his church supposedly for evangelizing but in reality, for nefarious deeds. The two of them specialized in luring pregnant ladies under the pretext of praying for them for safe deliveries to a stream near the present site of Adeyemi College of Education, where they would later kill and dismember them to force out the foetuses for ritual purposes!

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